Global music distribution

Keep control of your music! If you create music, you should be in charge of your career.

Digital Music DistributionChannel-per channel selection for each release, quality control of artwork, metadata and audio.
Insights and Royalty ReportingAccess detailed statements, trending report, insights, request and process royalty payouts.
Daily Demographics and AudiencesGet to know the age, gender, place, location of your listeners, and which device and OS they used.
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Analytics and ReportingYou can check the analytics of all past sales, streams and views, get sales reports, PDF Coversheet with mini stats and detailed text file, including all lines.
Catalog ManagementYou can create tracks and combine them into new releases – all based on your existing catalog.
Over 100 Music StoresSpotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, Pandora, iHeart radio, SoundCloud, 7digital, Beatport, YouTube, TikTok, and many more.

Distribute your music worldwide

You can use your own ISRCs and Barcodes. Cancel at any time. No take down fees.

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Music Distribution
  • Unlimited releases
  • Unlimited artists
  • Unlimited labels
  • Catalog management
  • Distribute to all current and future DSPs
  • Spotify Windowing
  • iTunes Pre-order
  • Facebook Rights Management
  • Ringtone available (small fee required)

We only take 15% of your sales. It’s simple. It’s fair.

Radio Plugging
  • Major commercial radio stations
  • Commercial radio stations
  • College radio stations
  • Internet radio stations
  • Affordable

We are specialized in the United States, Canada, and Mexico only.

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Video Plugging
  • Major TV networks
  • Affordable

We are specialized in the United States, Canada, and Mexico only.

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MusicMyBand - Music distribution and services

Our goal is to see your music promoted, and your earnings go as high as possible, so that we all can pay our bills.

We're innovating a new rising model of music business. Every artist should have the same treatment. Music is all about passion, love, and creativity. We're much more than a music distribution company, and far ahead of the old record label industry. Everything has changed. The world has changed. It's time to think big and finally make money from your music.


Our pricing

It's straightforward. Get your music distributed to all major channels.

  • From $175Package
    • Major radio stations
    • Multiple packages
    • Up to 2 tracks (e.g.
    • Original & Version)
    • Reports
    • Nielsen/BDS available
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  • $0
  • Music Distribution
    • All current and future stores
    • Multiple Artists
    • Multiple Labels
    • Catalog management
    • Facebook Rights Management
    • YouTube Content ID
    • No takedown fees
    • All markets (including Asia)
  • Distribute Now
  • From $99Package
    • MTV and others
    • Multiple packages
    • Reports
    • Nielsen/BDS available
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