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Get a successful Cover Art

The Cover Art is one of the main reasons artists have their music release rejected by the stores. Please follow these requirements correctly to avoid delays and/or rejections:

● It needs a minimum of 72 DPI (We recommend 300 DPI), JPG or PNG image file, and a minimum of 3000×3000 pixels (no more than 5000×5000 pixels), and perfect square. Why? That helps your release to be accepted by all stores. e.g., we have seen releases that were approved by other stores and rejected on Apple Music/iTunes because of that (less than 300 DPI). We want your release to be availabe in as many stores as possible;

● You don’t need to include a text in your Cover Art. If you do include a text, you’re only allowed to include the same info as it is available in the metadata. For example, if your artist name is “Coldplay” and the title of your release is “Yellow,” you can only use these two texts (literally as it is) on your Cover Art. You can’t put any symbols or logos either. Here’s an example that will be rejected: “Yellow by Coldplay:.”

● No websites or social media handles, no references to physical packaging like a CD logo, nor to a digital product, No brands nor advertising, no images from other copyright holders are allowed without written permission, no year or dates, no store names nor special offers, no barcodes, no tilted or cropped images, you can’t put TAD Watermark or “Made with Album Art,” don’t use the Parental Advisory/Explicit Content logo on the cover unless one of the tracks is marked as explicit, The “Restricted logo” is solely used for R rated movies, not music;

● If you don’t comply with these requirements, your distribution will be delayed because we’ll have to ask you to fix the errors. We’re only able to distribute your music on time if you provide it correctly, otherwise it may be rejected by the stores.

See an example of what is allowed and not allowed.

Example A: Allowed.

Example B: Not allowed.

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