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How to Set Up Your Home Recording Studio

A well-designed room can be the difference between pleasure and headaches down the road. Whether you have a big or small room available for your home recording studio, make sure to do whatever you can to make it organized and efficient.

Don’t forget how much noise is actually around you, and once you hear it through a microphone, all that noise is magnified 100 times. Following you’ll find some examples of noises that could easily ruin your recordings: Airplanes, Cars, Neighbors, Birds, Winds, Rain, Plumbing. So pay close attention to which rooms are the worst noise offenders, and choose the quietest one in your home. Important! In addition to avoiding outside noises, you must also realize that you will undoubtedly be a source of noise. The ideal place is somewhere where you could make as much noise as you want, at any time of the day. Unfortunately, since very few rooms are like that, some soundproofing may be required.

The ideal place is somewhere where you could make as much noise as you want.

For your recording room, hard flooring such as concrete, tile, or hardwood would be the best option. Note. A carpeted room absorbs high frequencies, but it does not absorb low ones, which hurts the acoustics. Once you’ve chosen a room, it’s time to prepare it for the project ahead. So before we start adding new things into the room, let’s take everything that we don’t need out. Make sure to clear off all floor space, take everything off the walls, and remove anything that vibrates. If the room also doubles as your bedroom, living room, and so on, you may not be able to clear it out completely, but anything that can be removed, should be removed.

By treating your room acoustically, both by absorption and diffusion you will create better recordings and mixes. By reducing reflections and flattening the frequency response of your room to the best of your abilities, you will hear the instruments better; you won’t have echoes and reflections bothering your sound, and you will have a more controlled home studio.

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