Radio Plugging

Radio Plugger is the key to get your music on the right hands, which will increase your chances to get your music played by multiple radio stations. At MusicMyBand, we’ve been assisting major and small record labels, helping them to cut costs with conventional radio promoters, which is something quite expensive to maintain

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Innovating the Radio Plugging and Music Promotion

During the old model of music promotion, the record labels would send their radio promoters across the country in order to pitch their new releases to music directors, radio programmers, and DJs. As you can imagine, it is time consuming and it requires not just the knowledge and networking, but also a lot of money to keep both the promoter and travel expenses active. 

After all these changes in the music industry thus far (new technologies, music streaming, etc.), the radio promotion has also found its way in this new reality. Of course, it’s not just submitting your music through an online form that some radio stations may have available, it’s the connection between the Radio Plugger Company and these radio stations that will make a difference. When you submit your release through the right company, it will make its way into the right hands. This achievement is possible because:  

  1. The history of successful releases sent by the Radio Plugger Company.
  2. The quality of the releases.
  3. The relationship between the Radio Plugger and Music Directors.

Here’s another important point to keep in mind:

Independent artists should focus on Radio Plugging Companies that can pitch their music to major radio stations. That is what will make a difference at the end. It’s quite similar to a regular ad campaign. For example, when someone sees an ad on TV, it is more likely that the brand will get more awareness and sell more. Of course, we should not forget about those small and college radio stations, they can still play an important role in your path to success, but in reality, the major radio stations are the ones that will dictate the roles, whether you like it or not. It’s all about marketing. 

Let’s make another comparison, but now between the new model of Radio Plugging and those OTV campaigns. First let’s give you a quick overview about OTV (in case you don’t know it):

With the increase in online viewing across multiple devices, traditional TV advertising strategies have adapted. OTV is basically a video AD solution for marketers, which have video publishers and provide multiple targeting such as Geo-targeting, Device targeting, Frequency targeting, Interest targeting, and more.

major radio station host

Now let’s go to the example and similarity between OTV and Radio Promotion. 

For a fraction of cost, small businesses are now able to place their ads on TV, including the major networks. So instead of only spending money on other cheap ad channels (e.g., Social media, Search engines), they are able to invest as little as $2K to have their TV commercials appearing on major networks, like NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, AMC, Travel Channel, etc.

For a fraction of the price, independent artists, major record labels, small labels, etc., can submit their music release to major radio stations, and have their music videos on TV networks, such as MTV, BET, CMT, etc. 

The point is: Just like the OTV is changing the way businesses advertise, Radio Pluggers, that are able to distribute to major radio stations, have pretty much the same concept. 


Whether you want to keep sending your releases to college radio stations only or try companies that can send your music to major networks, never send your music to a radio station if you do not have a plan. Treat your music career as a serious business venture, and make sure you have a business/marketing plan before doing anything. In other words, don’t rush it. 

The thing is:

If your music is great and you have done the marketing correctly, your chances to succeed will increase dramatically. Once you’re in the spotlight, everyone will want you, including major labels, and you will have not just achieved some great results, but will have leverage to negotiate it if you like.

If you would like to find out more about what we can do to send your music to key radio stations in the United States, click here or signup to access our Plugger app.