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Before you look at the comparison, here’s one important thing to keep in mind when choosing a distributor, whether is MusicMyBand, Tunecore, CDBaby, Distrokid, Amuse, or any other:

Some companies claim that artists will get 100% of royalties when they subscribe for their plan(s). However, this is not 100% true. Why? When the artist has any royalties to receive, there will be hidden fees (e.g., administrative fee, handling fee, you name it) that may cut those royalties substantially. If you actually read and understand the contract between you and your provider (including distribution agreement, terms, etc), you may be able to see how it happens. So be careful with those promises claiming you will get 100% of your royalties, because at the end, you may end up losing or spending more money. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with subscriptions and those fees (if the info is informed), the fees are necessary to maintain the administration of your account and money. Here’s when it becomes an issue: If you have to pay for a subscription in order to receive 100% of your royalties and keep the provider from keeping any cut, why is it not happening?  What’s the point in paying for a subscription? The answer is simple: You are probably being misled, period. 

Bottom line: Make sure you read all the contracts and terms that a provider may have. Check everything.  Ask a lawyer or maybe a friend who understands it better, so that you can be sure you’re not being tricked by any provider. 

Today, let’s compare the services between MusicMyBand and Amuse:


You can release unlimited releases, create unlimited artists, unlimited labels, catalog management, Quality Control turnaround (review/distribution) is usually between 1-5 business days, 150+ stores, no take down fees (you can do it yourself from your account), support, detailed sales reports, statements, analytics, YouTube Content ID, Facebook Rights Management. You don’t need to pay any annual fee to keep your release published, and as long as you use your own ISRC and UPC, there will be no cost for you to distribute your releases. You will receive  85% of your sales. Payment threshold: $15. Hidden fees? No.

Amuse (Free Plan)

You can release one artist, limited releases (12 per year), Quality Control turnaround (review/distribution) is between 3-4 weeks, 9 stores, no take down fees (you have to contact them), support, Daily Sales Stats, ISRC and UPC included. You don’t need to pay any fees to distribute and keep your release published. You will receive 100% of your royalties. Payment threshold: $10. Any royalties and income accrued from Recordings monetized by YouTube Content ID shall be subject to a 15% commission fee charge, unless you have an AMUSE PRO subscription. Hidden fees? You should carefully check their distribution agreement, terms, etc. 

Amuse (Pro)

You can release unlimited releases, create unlimited artists, custom label name, Quality Control turnaround (review/distribution) is 2 weeks, team accounts, 16 stores, YouTube Content ID, no take down fees (you have to contact them), Statements (upon request only), support, Daily Sales Stats. You need to pay an annual subscription. If you stop paying the annual subscription, your release will disappear from Pro stores (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Soundtrack by Twitch, Anghami and Soundcloud). You keep 100% of your Royalties. Payment threshold: $10. Hidden fees? You should carefully check their distribution agreement, terms, etc.