When will my music be available in stores?

It usually takes between 48-72 hours. However, it varies from to store. For example, Spotify requires that your music is delivered at least five (5) business days before the earliest available date as specified in your release information.

What am I allowed to distribute?

Your own compositions and/or songs that you have the legal rights to distribute. You cannot distribute any content through MusicMyBand if you do not have 100% of the rights to that content.

You must own 100% of the rights or have been given permission by the rights owner and have your release approved by them. This applies to cover versions, Re-mixes and for the use of sampled pieces of music, vocals, radio, film or TV samples used within your release. For a complete info about what you can or cannot distribute, please go to https://help.musicmyband.com/knowledge-base/what-am-i-allowed-to-upload/

Important: If that’s your case, you must send documentation to support@musicmyband.com otherwise your release won’t be distributed. Please make sure you check our metadata requirements and Knowledge Base for further information.

What's Facebook Rights Management?

It helps you protect your copyrighted content at scale on Facebook and Instagram by detecting audio and video content matching yours.

How can I create a release?

In the Catalog section you will be able to create a release for Albums, Tracks or Ringtones as well as add your own Artists and Labels.

Before creating your release, make sure to create a track first. However, you’ll be able to create a track (which is also where you will see the ISRC part) later in case you haven’t done that yet.


  1.  Click on “Create a Release” at the top left and write the title of your release.
  2. The platform will ask you to provide us with general information about the release such as cover art. Please make sure you follow the instructions regarding the size or format of the file.
  3. Write the artists and their roles. The labels or genres, as well as the UPC code or Reference Number (Optional). Remember that if you don’t have the codes, MusicMyBand will assign them automatically, free of charge.
  4. You will need to provide us with licenses information including the release date, the license type and holder as well as the copyright for sound recordings.


create release page on music myband app


music metadata


music release information sample


An interesting feature in this section is Spotify Windowing that allows premium users to access your content in advance. Finally, in this section you will be able to select the territories where you want to distribute.


music distribution app app


Once we have all the necessary information, you can upload the files from your computer or from your catalog if you are doing a compilation. In this step you will be able to change the specific information of each one of the tracks that will shape your album.


music meta info


cover art info


Finally, before sending the album and release to distribution make sure you review the information provided in the Preview and Distribution section.

If there is a mistake with the information provided, the platform will automatically tell you the errors that need to be fixed before being sent to our Quality Control.


Note: You can also distribute individual tracks and singles, for that go to Catalog–Tracks and create a release for a track.You will also be asked to provide specific information about the release before distributing it or check where this specific track appears on, if it is part of an album project.

Can I choose on which services my music will be distributed?

Yes, absolutely. You can choose this in the final step of your distribution process.

Can I Select in which countries my music will be available?

You bet! You can choose that in the final step of your distribution process.

How do I check the status of my release?

If you have successfully submitted your release for distribution, here’s how you can check its status:
  1. Login to you MusicMyBand account.
  2. Go to the Distribution tab.
  3. Click on the release you’re looking for.
  4. In the tab ‘1.Release info’ you can see if it has been approved by our Quality Control (QC). Note: If the field next to QC approval date (to the right) does not show “Pending review” or the date of the approval (e.g., blank or — — ), it means you haven’t completed the entire distribution process yet, and the release won’t be reviewed/distributed.
  5. In the tab ‘5. History’ of the platform you can follow the status of the launch.

Tips: If you just create a new release and do not complete the entire distribution process, it won’t be submitted for review/distribution. If you would like your new release to be distributed, you must complete all the steps, including checkout. Additionally, make sure there’s no errors. For example, if you see any exclamation symbol (yellow triangle), hover the mouse over it to see what needs to be corrected, otherwise you may not be able to complete the distribution process.

What's Spotify Windowing?

Spotify Windowing is a flexible release policy that allows artists to release new albums on Spotify Premium for two weeks in advance of the official release date. This means that Spotify Premium subscribers will get to listen to the new release two weeks earlier than the other free users.

What is an ISRC code?

ISRC stands for International Standard Code. It identifies a sound recording. One Composition can be related to multiple ISRC numbers if there are multiple Sound Recordings of that single Composition. e.g., versions.

You can provide your own ISRC if you have one. Note that each track needs its own ISRC. If you would like, just leave it blank, and MusicMyBand will automatically assign an ISRC code for your digital recordings. Please check this new update involving ISRC.

What is a Barcode (UPC/EAN)?

This is a unique code belonging to your release. The code is used to represent and track your music as an entire physical or digital product. MusicMyBand will automatically assign a Barcode for your music release if you like – just leave it blank. However, you can provide your own code if you have one. Please check this new update involving UPC.
You can find out more about that by visiting https://www.barcode-us.info/

How does the royalty payment process work?

1. Sales Confirmation


When sales have been confirmed, your balance will be updated. These sales are reflected as confirmed sales in the MusicMyBand platform and added to your balance.

Once a sales report has been confirmed, the system redraws the graph in the Analytics screen, taking into account the new values.


2. Royalty Payout

You will be able to see the balance you have available in your account. If you have any balance available, you may initiate a withdrawal directly from your MusicMyBand account. To see how we process this, please go to https://help.musicmyband.com/knowledge-base/withdrawal-payment-methods/ 


Note: Confirmed Royalties are posted 3 months after publication. For instance, for all albums published in November, the following 3 months will be December, January and February.


In some occasions, royalties can be pending confirmation due to extraordinary circumstances, such as:


a) The music service is being unusually late on payments. As soon as we are confirmed of an excessive delay on payment by the service or are aware of this special circumstance, we will communicate it to each user so they can plan for this inconvenience in advance.


b) A technical issue has hampered the normal confirmation schedule and there is a backlog on confirmation. In that event, we will prepare and communicate to each tenant a payment plan so they can have an estimation as to when sales will be confirmed and payable.


c) Music services apply small adjustments in recent reports that apply to previous periods. These adjustments can appear as unconfirmed sales since the service usually applies them without any notification. We review these adjustments periodically to include them in our confirmation period and stay up to date. Please bear in mind that new ones may appear in the future as music services are constantly reviewing their reporting processes.

How do I get paid?

Currently, payments are processed through PayPal.

What is the current status of my release?

Here you have a summary explanation about the status of your releases, once they have been distributed correctly:

You can see which releases are waiting to be reviewed and approved to be distributed.


At this point, you can see the releases that might have been approved but have not yet been delivered to the selected channels. Once all correct releases have already passed the daily Quality Control, they will immediately start the next process “DELIVERIES”.
On this tab, you can see the following information:
a) The release(s) being sent on that exactly moment, or
b) Those releases that have completed the distribution process, and have been correctly delivered to the selected channels.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password by clicking “Reset password” at the login screen. Just enter the email address associated with your account and click “SUBMIT.” You will now receive an email with a link to change your password.

How old do i have to be to use MusicMyBand?

You must be at least 18 years old.

Why Asian and/or Arabic Content won’t be approved anymore?

Due to the recent fraud problems we’re having with the distribution of Asian/Arabic content, we‘re sorry to inform that we will no longer approve any Arabic and/or Asian content.


IMPORTANT! Do not try to distribute Asian or Arabic content through our platform, especially if you’re purchasing an ISRC or UPC code – Your content won’t be approved and you will lose money.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, please visit https://help.musicmyband.com

If you need further assistance, please contact us at support@musicmyband.com


Please make sure you check our Anti-Fraud Policy page in order to avoid strikes and more.

Do not forget to check this page in order to avoid errors, mistakes, rejections, and delays with your release(s): https://help.musicmyband.com/knowledge-base/general-info/