Radio Plugging | Music Video Plugging

Do you have a great artist or song, but need some help to reach major or small networks? That’s where we come in. We deliver your audio and music video to all major radio stations, television, and other industry professionals across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Whether you’re an independent record label, manager, or artist, we are able to deliver your releases to the right place.

Music Promotion:

  • Major commercial radio stations
  • Commercial radio stations
  • College radio stations
  • Internet radio stations
  • Bloggers worldwide
  • Affordable
  • Huge network
  • United States, Canada, and Mexico

Music Video Promotion:

  • Major TV networks
  • Affordable
  • United States, Canada, and Mexico

Note: We do not accept everyone. Your music release must follow all the standard industry quality guidelines as well as other requirements. When you create a release campaign through the MusicMyBand Plugger app, it’ll be sent to our Quality Control team. If approved, then we’ll send you an invoice so we can start your campaign afterwards.

Radio plugging and music video plugging – The best music marketing.

MusicMyband has been assisting major record labels, music managers, and independent artists to get their releases played by major radio stations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Additionally, we are helping music companies and creators to save money and time. By using our technology, experience, and vast network in North America, major record labels are now able to cut their expenses with regular radio promoters and their travel expenses, and independent artists can finally pitch their releases to major networks, such as CBS owned radio stations, Cox media, MTV, you name it.

Believe it or not, recent research still points to radio as the number 1 source for the discovery of new music in the U.S.; more than any other source. No doubt that streaming has been the preferred method of consumption, but radio is still the prevailing method. On top of that, it is safe to say that when your music is being played on a major radio station, it creates more momentum and awareness. Therefore, that will help your career to take off in all streaming platforms, social media, as well as other aspects, such as live performances, business opportunities, and more. 
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